Avondale Beer Dinner

Since I moved to Alabama in September, I have been trying to get involved in the community in hopes of feeling like I belong. Well, as much as one can as a Tennessee Volunteer fan in Birmingham! One of my favorite ways to explore and learn about my newest city I call home is to attend brewery events. Friends and family can attest that I’m more into wine, but let’s face it, brewmasters know everyone in town and they’re insanely interesting to talk to. It’s been a pretty nice method to get to know Birmingham, so far!

On Wednesday, December 11th, Avondale Brewing Company and Whole Foods collaborated to present the community with a truly unique menu paired perfectly with a local brew of Avondale.

Nestled in the Village Brasserie, about 30 eager, and hungry, guests rounded the kitchen as both the executive chef from Whole Foods and the brewmasters of Avondale share their passion.

The first course:
Sweet Potato Soup, Smoked Ham Hock, Bourbon Brown Butter, Pecans
Paired with Pumpkin Ale

The second course:
Ginger Shrimp Cakes, Sweet and Sour Lemon Sauce, Persimmon Slaw
Paired with Spring Street Saison

The third course:
Coffee Braised Short Ribs, Parsnip Puree, Caramelized Brussels Sprouts, Heirloom Carrots, Red-Eye Gravy, Parsnip Chips
Paired with No Joka Mocha Stout

The fourth course:
Curried Duck Confit, Buttermilk Hoe Cakes, Arugula, IPA-Pepper Jelly, Duck Cracklins
Paired with Battlefield IPA

The final course:
Spiced Doughnuts, Orange-Triple Glaze, Basil Chantilly Cream
Paired with Miss Fancy’s Tripel

Here’s some notes I took between bites at the presentation:
Pumpkin Ale
-spices don’t linger after in an abrasive fashion like most pumpkin beers
Spring Street Saison
-tropical notes, with sweet citrus.
-named after street Whole Foods is located on, ironically enough
-uses open fermentation
No Joka Mocha Stout
-brewed with coffee, chocolate and oatmeal
Battlefield IPA
-elevated hops than typical IPA, but not quite double IPA levels
-used this beer in the yellow bell pepper jelly in 4th course
Miss Fancy’s Tripel
-same family as saison. pairs well with basil




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