Dragon Fruit

To some people, dragon fruit might as well be a food eaten by mythical creatures in a far, far away land. Want to become more familiar with it? You’re in luck. Most produce markets display this exotic fruit during it’s peak season of summer and early fall.


Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit (Photo credit: Melissa L Brinley)

Dragon fruit, or pitaya, is a climbing cactus that has a brilliant pink exterior with seemingly spike-like scales that can be pink or sometimes green. While some varieties have either a white or magenta interior flesh, both are studded with edible black kiwi-like seeds. While the appearance of this fruit is quite dramatic and exciting, the taste of it’s flesh isn’t as abrasive. Dragon fruit has notes of delicate berry, kiwi, and watermelon with the flavor and a nod to it’s texture of pear.

(Photo credit: Melissa L Brinley)
(Photo credit: Melissa L Brinley)

Dragon fruit is easy to prep for your meal–just slice in half and spoon out the interior flesh. Commonly used as a garnish for salads, this diverse and under-utilized fruit can also hold it’s own within a fruit salad, parfait, smoothie, cocktails (my favorite!), ice cream, jams and preserves, and even a sauce for a savory dish–if you’re feeling uber creative. The options are endless, so get in the kitchen and play around to find your favorite way to use dragon fruit.

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