Gnocchi con Ragu ($19)

Housemade gnocchi, slow braised oxtail, tomato conserva, hubbard squash puree, parmigiano

bettola entree2

My thoughts: Honestly, I struggled with what to order. The menu is still winter vegetables (squash puree, root vegetable confit, sautéed greens, etc.) and heavier, heartier sauces and meats. I would have liked to see asparagus or peas in a risotto with shrimp—springlike. Or any lighter option, for that matter. They had many pizzas, so maybe this is a place where you just get pizza when you dine? As far as the gnocchi, it was the perfect, pillowy bundles of joy I expected. They weren’t gummy or dense at all, which is fantastic. The slow braised oxtail component in this dish was less than desirable. With any slow braised meat, it is imperative that the chef remove all bones from the meat if they intend to serve it off the bone and tossed into pasta like it was. I would think that would be common sense. However, I about chipped a tooth on a huge chunk of the chine bone mid-way through the course. Since the bartender was nowhere to be found (I’m still his only customer, mind you), I just placed it on the side of my plate in hopes someone in the kitchen would see it and take extra precaution going forward when plating that dish.

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