Introducing: fox den baking co.

Hi there, Melissa L. Brinley here. Most of you may know my work as Southern Test Kitchen, which was a blog-turned-bake shop of sorts. However, as work progressed, it became more and more necessary to build a baking-specific brand.

Why name it fox den baking co? Well, long before I worked in the kitchens of America’s Test Kitchen, Hoffman Media, or Blackberry Farm, I did most of my kitchen experiments in my apartment with my shiba inu sous chef. This fox-faced pup has been with me since the beginning, and I want this baking brand to pay tribute to her support, as biased as it may have been.

Southern Test Kitchen will still be around to provide services such as savory catering, food styling, recipe development, writing, editing, and custom projects. Contact for inquiries. However, this site will not be kept active for much longer.

For your needs of all things pastry, please contact fox den baking co. at and watch out for us on social media.

Instagram: @foxdenbakingco                   Twitter: @foxdenbakingco


thanks y’all!