About The Southern Test Kitchen

“putting a Tennessee twist on world cuisine”



Thanks for taking a pit-stop in The Southern Test Kitchen. I like to explore the cuisines of the world, and make them easier for a home-cook to replicate. Here, you’ll join me on the journey of trial and error as I develop recipes to feed the curiosity of any foodie. I grew up in Tennessee, and enjoy adding Southern ingredients to recipe projects. Touching on historical origins of ingredients and dishes, method of production for specific recipes, as well as digging into the science behind why the way certain ingredients behave the way they do are some types of posts you may see on here.

About me::

I am a passionate and vivacious individual, who is also a graduate of both journalism and culinary school. I enjoy culinary research, cooking, and writing about my findings, but I also like to encourage others to become more curious and confident in the kitchen. I hope you find my epicurious projects inspiring, and feel free to drop me a line.



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